Street Feat-
my boyfriend lost his virginity behind Dryer allry!

1- I spend 12 dollars every 15 minutes to listen to what you say, so dont tell me I dont listen
2- You cost a quarter to like
3- Your birthday present is a strawberry, Im sorry I havent given it to you yet (and a cave)
4- Writing sober is like swing dancing on tranquilizers
5- For all lobsters under attack= listen to my twelve first commands, unless usurped by my last one seventeen list adaquate spelling fags. one barge too many. this bangles single won’t change anything, in your room, what about your room? This is what your room sounds like- “Crazy like this? Crazy like what? Like that?!? I’m loud! Ohhhhh! Loud! Fuck it!

– Adrenaline Magazine
“I love this fucking room, I don’t know what the fuck your talking about”
– Short Circup lmtd.
“ I’m on drugs, yeah, you know it, drugs, yeah, worship me bitch, I’m fucking on some god damn drugs who the fuck are you?”
– i forgot that I pissed in my sink earlier

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