The Animals Story

One day, brer fox and brer owl were having a sit out on the patio.”Ho!” said brer owl,”Its our friends, brer bear and brer animal!”

“Ho!” said brer bear.

“Joy!” said brer animal.

“Sup?” said brer fox.

Brer owl began to speak, “we were just discussing delicious flavors”, he said,”I like ice cream, ice cream is the most delicious flavor.”

“Yes, ice cream is a good flavor”, said brer bear.



“What about the other delicious flavors?” said brer owl.

“You mean like ice cream?” said brer animal.

“Yes,” said brer owl, “other delicious flavors, like ice cream, other than ice cream.”

“Oh.” said brer fox.”You got any weed?”

“Only a little,” said brer bear, “Prolly not enough to get all of us high.”


“That’s okay.” said brer animal. “I’m sort of trying to quit.”

“Really?” said brer owl.

“No.” said brer animal. “I would like to get high though.”


Brer fox had an idea. “Maybe”, he said, “Maybe we could take a hit and then shotgun it around in a circle, one by one?”

“You mean blow the hit into the next persons mouth, and then the next, and so on?” said brer bear.


“No,” said brer owl, “that’s a stupid idea.”

“How come?’ said brer fox.

“Because,” said brer owl, “it’s just a stupid fucking idea.”

“Well, I don’t see any need to be beligerant. I was just trying to help.” said brer fox.

“You’re right.” said brer owl. “I’m sorry, you were just trying to help.”

“That’s ok.” said brer fox.

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