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Street Feat- my boyfriend lost his virginity behind Dryer allry! 1- I spend 12 dollars every 15 minutes to listen to what you say, so dont tell me I dont listen 2- You cost a quarter to like 3- Your birthday present is a strawberry, Im sorry I havent given it to you yet (and […]
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The Judge

Got a problem stranger? The judge’ll take care of you,sure as good. The judge took care a loosey, and you know what trouble done happened a loosey. Remby done scunned the judges bunn too. The judge got a waya fixin proloblems. Some say he gottta, problem fissin machine, or dat he is won, but he […]
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The Scientist Who Thought He Was So Great

One time I fuckin banged this girl who did not want to bang me again.
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